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The Projectors

  • IMAX® projectors are the most advanced, highest-precision and most powerful projectors ever built. The key to their superior performance and reliability is the unique "Rolling Loop" film movement. The "Rolling Loop", advances the film horizontally in a smooth, wave-like motion. During projection, each frame is positioned on fixed registration pins, and the film is held firmly against the rear element of the lens by a vacuum. As a result, the picture and focus steadiness are far above normal projection standards and provide outstanding image clarity.

  • The 15,000 watt IMAX light bulb is so bright that it can be seen with the naked eye from the moon!

  • If a large log were held in front of the light beam from the IMAX projector, it would spontaneously combust.

  • The 15,000 watt, water-cooled lamps, made of quartz and filled with pressurized xenon gas can be extremely dangerous. The quartz will explode periodically with enough force that the glass embeds itself in the metal housing of the projector. Projection workers often wear full flack jackets when installing the lamps.

  • More and more Large Format Theaters are now being built with 3D capability. Various types of 3D projector technology have been developed over the years, such as "stereoscopic 3D" and the newer, "ColorCode 3D," and each require the viewer to wear visors, headsets, or special glasses.

  • Most 3D projectors are only compatible with rectangular screens. However, the IMAX® Solido (TM) system enables 3D in a dome theater.

IMAX Projector
Forklift used to transport IMAX Film Platters