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Normal Films Shown on Big Movie Screens

Unfortunately, normal "Hollywood" movies originally captured on standard, 35mm film (or even with high definition digital cameras) are not even close to high enough resolution to be projected clearly onto Big Movie theaters' giant screens.

Consequently, normal 35mm films look blurry when projected to fill or nearly fill the giant Big Movie screen, unlike genuine Big Movies which are amazingly clear.

Still, as most genuine Big Movies are documentaries, and the companies running Big Movie theaters built in commercial multiplex locations in recent years crave dramatic films to satisfy their normal consumers, many commercial Big Movie theaters do show slightly blurry versions of normal, 35mm films on their giant Big Movie screens.

While IMAX claims the technology exists to enhance films originally shot on 35mm film to be printed onto the 70mm film normally used for Big Movies, and look perfectly clear on giant screens, this has never yet been accomplished.

Animated films originally created digitally like Fantasia and Beauty and the Beast have been successfully blown up to look perfectly clear on giant screens, through a process of painstakingly adding resolution, enhancing the colors, and increasing the brightness to create entirely new Big Movie versions on 65mm film. Shown with Big Movie projectors, we feel that these qualify as genuine Big Movies.

Due to the high cost of filming with Big Movie cameras, and the limited number of Big Movie screens in the world, no one has yet succeeded in creating a widely successful, live-action, Hollywood-style drama especially for the Big Movie screen.