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What is a Big Movie?

Bigger. Louder. Clearer. More Refined.

Big Movies

Heard of IMAX? Iwerks? Megasystems?

15/70? 8/70?

What does it all mean?

The first three build special cameras and projection systems used in the biggest, state-of-the-art movie theaters worldwide.

(To confuse matters, IMAX Corp. and Iwerks also produce and distribute some of the special, oversized films played in these theaters, themselves.)

15/70 and 8/70 refer to types of giant, oversized 70mm film used to capture images clear enough to fill the giant screens in these theaters. Some theaters have flat screens, others are domes. 110 theaters have the most advanced movie theater 3-D systems in the world.

So how clear are the pictures? And how big are the screens?

The films made with these cameras have the highest resolution of any motion pictures in the world, by far.

So they're crystal clear on giant screens up to 10 stories tall. Look at the difference in size from a normal screen:

Normal screen vs. Big Movie screen
Inside a Big Movie Theater

The theater is also steepy raked, and holds hundreds of people, making it feel like you're at an event, not just a movie.

Best of all, watching this kind of movie is like living inside the story. You can travel to some of the most extreme places on earth or be totally enveloped by other fictional worlds without leaving your seat.

It doesn't hurt that the theaters' sound systems are the world's loudest and most refined, with more channels than any other theaters - including the so-called "Voice of God" directly overhead.

Industry folk call the special movies played in these huge theaters "Large Format Films" or "Giant Screen Films." We don't think they should sound so complicated, and serious. Seeing them is easy and it's a blast!

That's why we call them Big Movies.