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Mystery of the Nile Soundtrack
David Giro and Steve Wood.  Spanish Import.
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Mystery of the Nile Soundtrack (MP3 Album Download)
Spanish Import.  By David Giro and Steve Wood.  MP3, 256 kbps.
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Mystery of the Nile: The Epic Story of the First Descent of the World's Deadliest River
by Richard  Bangs and Pasquale Scaturro.  Hardcover.

Companion to the Large Format film.  A thrilling account of the greatest geographical expedition of our time-the first-ever complete descent of the Nile River.

Over the past century, many explorers have attempted to run the magnificent Nile, but none succeeded. At least a dozen men died trying, and since 1964, three explorers have been shot, two have drowned, and another simply disappeared.

In April 2004, the renowned adventurer Pasquale Scaturro made history when he completed his epic journey down the Nile in 114 days, traveling 3,250 miles by kayak, from its source in Ethiopia to the shores of Alexandria, where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea. He ran the great river in the face of such obstacles as deadly crocodiles and hippos, arrests by Ethiopian and Egyptian militia, gunfire from Sudanese bandits, extreme temperatures, violent sandstorms, and exposure to malaria.

He details his historical quest here, with critically acclaimed coauthor Richard Bangs, in a breathtaking tale that features a beautiful collection of photographs. MacGillivray Freeman Films is releasing an IMAX movie in conjunction with the book.
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Items: 1-3