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Producer Profile: Steve Hoban

Production Company: IMAX Corporation
Occupation: Producer/Screenwriter
Active Years: 6 years

In 1995, Steve Hoban joined Imax Corporation, spearheading the creation of their animation studio and the development of proprietary 3D-animation technology.  The first glimpse of this new technology was unveiled in December 1998 with th international release of Paint Misbehavin/, an animated 3D short produced by Hoban with Imax co-founder Roman Kroitor. 

Hoban began his career as a film producer in 1994 with Blood & Donuts, the first feature film produced under the auspices of Norman Jewison's Canadian Film Centre.  Hoban's second feature, Ginger Snaps, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Prior to entering the world of film production, Hoban was Vice President, Business Affairs at Motion Picture Guarantors, where he was responsible for the financial and contractual dealings on dozens of television and film productions from all over the world. 

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