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Producer Profile: Toni Myers

Occupation: Writer, Editor

Myers spent six years in England, working on documentary films with director Allan King and the former Beatles' company, Apple. In addition to working with the BBC, she helped form Tattooist International, an independent group working on experimental films in London.  On her return to Canada, Myers worked on the television series This Hour Has Seven Days, Forest Rangers and Seaway, and went on to edit several dramas for CBC TV's For The Record series. She worked with directors Gilles Carle, Francis Mankiewicz and Claude Jutra. Feature film work includes: By Design, Surfacing, and Abortion: Stories from the North and South, which won first prize at the 1985 San Francisco Film Festival.

Myers began her association with giant-screen films in 1967 as assistant editor of Graeme Ferguson's Polar Life. She has numerous IMAX films to her credit, including North Of Superior, Snow Job, Ocean, Nomads Of The Deep, Hail Columbia!, Heart Land and Rolling Stones "At The Max." As a key member of the Imax Space Team, Myers has written and edited each film in the space trilogy: The Dream Is Alive, Blue Planet and Destiny In Space.

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