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Producer Profile: Roman Kroitor

Production Company: Imax Corporation
Occupation: Producer
Active Years: Over 30

Roman Kroitor, co-founder and former Senior Vice President of Imax Corporation, began his distinguished career at the National Film Board of Canada, winning numerous international awards. Kroitor has produced or co-produced several of the films in the IMAX® and OMNIMAX® library, including Tiger Chile, the first film, which launched the system at the Fuji Group Pavilion at Osaka's EXPO '70. Kroitor also made Skyward, one of the hits of EXPO '85 in Tsukuba, Japan; We Are Born of Stars, the first OMNIMAX® 3D film, sponsored by Fujitsu Limited; and Heart Land, the first IMAX® film to use digitally-recorded sound. Kroitor devoted two years to exploring innovative new ways to use the IMAX® medium, expanding Imax Corporation's use of 3D technology and produced three of the four films using IMAX® systems at Osaka's EXPO '90:  Echoes of the Sun, The Last Buffalo and Flowers in the Sky. He is now producing a new 3D film tentatively entitled Imagination for EXPO '93 in Korea.

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