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Producer Profile: Doug Hylton

Production Company: IMAX Corporation
Occupation: Producer

Douglas "Disco" Hylton who got his nickname moonlighting as a Club DJ for more than 15 years, has worked at various studios throughout his Hollywood career.  After graduating with an MBA, Hylton worked at Miramax with co-chairs Bob and Harvey Weinstein.  Next Hylton took his skills over to HBO where he was involved with the award-winning films "And The Band Played On," "Stalin," "The Burning Season," "Barbarians at the Gate" and "The Late Shift."  Hylton then moved on to TriStar Pictures where he had a hand in the production of such blockbusters as "Jerry Maguire," "As Good As it Gets," "The Mask of Zorro," and "My Best Friend's Wedding" amongst others.

Hylton joined IMAX in 2001 as Vice President of Filmed Entertainment.

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