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Producer Profile: Soames Summerhays


Soames Summerhays, Left, with Bob Cranston

Production Company: Summerhays Films, Inc.
Occupation: Producer/Director
Active Years: 21

Born and educated in the United Kingdom, Soames Summerhays has, from his earliest years, had an absorbing interest in the natural world. He has a Bachelor's degree in biology, and later specialized in marine biology during his postgraduate studies. Early in his career he began leading expeditions worldwide and lecturing on subjects of natural history, historical and anthropological interest. In the course of a decade he led more than 100 expeditions to remote parts of the world, from Pole to Pole. Subsequently, he worked as a scientist and administrator for the Australian Government setting up Marine Parks along the Great Barrier Reef. During this period he published many articles in popular science journals and trade magazines and has been a contributing author to a number of books.

Soames Summerhays film making career began in 1979, with the IMAX® production of The Great Barrier Reef. Subsequently, he started Summerhays Films in 1985. He has produced and directed many large format films for destination theaters, IMAX theaters, theme parks and world expositions and is the recipient of many awards. His other IMAX film credits include Darwin on the Galapagos, Seasons, Ring of Fire and Ocean Oasis. Currently in production, his company is producing a large format (1570) film on Yosemite.

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