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Producer Profile: Goulam Amarsy


Production Company: Primesco Communications Inc.
Occupation: Producer

Goulam Amarsy, president and founder of Primesco International, has spearheaded the financing and development of commercial and entertainment real-estate projects in North America and Europe.  A key player in the large-format film industry, Primesco was created with the objective of serving the industry through the production and distribution of family-oriented large-format films and through the development of large-format theaters.  Large-format film productions in distribution include Super Speedway, Wildfire, Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance, and Bears.  Amarsy (with Primesco) has served as producer for Wolves and Bears, both with the National Wildlife Federation.  Amarsy is currently working on an upcoming large-format release, INDIA: KINGDOM OF THE TIGERS.

A Harvard education in Business Administration is just one of the useful tools that has assisted Goulam Amarsy to spearhead numerous commercial and entertainment ventures, including such exciting projects as France's Euro Disney and Montreal Canada's Eaton Centre.

Aware that the IMAX® market is driven by info-packed documentaries in a format that provides fabulous entertainment value, Amarsy has been careful not to alter his recipe for success. He makes sure that early on in the project's development phase, time is spent with museums and the other cultural institutions destined to show his productions, to identify specifically what works for their audiences. Concepts are then worked out in detail with a creative team, to discuss how best to meet the challenges of the actual making of the film.

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