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Producer Profile: John Weiley


Production Company: Heliograph Party Ltd.
Occupation: Producer/Director/Writer
Active Years: Over 20
Birthplace: Australia

John Weiley is Australia's leading producer and director of high definition motion pictures. He has produced, written and directed films in all giant screen formats, including IMAX, IMAX3D and Showscan, and has been making films for more than 20 years.

In 1986 Weiley founded his production company Heliograph to produce and distribute giant screen films world wide. He also researched and developed the specifications for the giant screen cinemas for the Australian Bicentennial Exhibition and Expo 88, the Blue Mountains Maxvision theatre, and he founded Cinema Plus Pty Ltd, to build the Sydney Imax Theatre - a major landmark that houses the largest projection screen in the world.

John Weiley's highly successful first IMAX film  ANTARCTICA is now regarded as a classic. ANTARCTICA won the prestigious Prix du Jury in the Third International Imax Film Festival, Paris, in 1991, and in 1995 it won the Golden Eagle award - the top prize at the New York Cine Film Festival.

Weiley then went on to write and direct the IMAX 3D film IMAGINE - by far the most complex 3D film yet devised - which premiered at Expo 93 in Seoul, and has been described as a masterpiece.

Weiley is presented with the Best Film prize at the 3rd. Bienalle Festival de la Geode by Jack Lang, Minister for Culture (right) and Jean Rouche, President of the Jury.

In 1996 Weiley made the IMAX film THE EDGE, which has played to packed houses for more than a year in the specially constructed "Maxvision" theatre in Australia's Blue Mountains National Park. He is currently making an Imax science feature about the sun titled SOLARMAX.

Weiley has also written, produced and directed two Showscan films - "Celebrating Us" and "New South World", and has produced seven feature films including AFI Award winning "Journey Among Women". He worked at Granada TV and BBC-TV London to write, direct and produce many major documentaries and docudramas including "SS Lusitania", "The Press We Deserve" and the multi award winning BBC programs "Tomorrow's World" and "Horizon", which reflect his strong interest in the fields of science and technology.

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