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Producer Profile: Liz Butler


Production Company: Mullion Creek Productions
Occupation: Producer
Active Years: 15

Liz Butler (Producer) began her professional career in 1981 as a marketing executive.  Her passion for adventure, scuba diving and the outdoors and her desire to present these activities to a wide audience compelled Butler to enter the television industry as producer, director and writer of her own nature and adventure documentaries in 1988.  Nineteen television documentaries later, Liz has become one of the world’s most prolific producers of this genre of documentary.

Her feature debut was Nullarbor Dreaming, where she jointly produced the documentary of a world-record cave diving attempt in one of the massive water-filled caves under Australia’s remote Nullarbor Plain.  The film was sold worldwide and earned several international awards.

In 1990, Liz formed Osford Film Productions with co-producer Andrew Wight and together they developed The Deep Probe Expeditions, a highly successful series of nine underwater/nature documentaries filmed around the world.   She filmed and dived alongside such creatures as whales, whale and great white sharks, sea lions and crocodiles in such locations such as America, Cuba, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Mexico.  Liz directed and wrote the last seven episodes of the series, which continues to screen worldwide on The Discovery Channel network.

In 1995, Liz and Osford Films formed a joint venture with U.S.-based Quest Productions, owner of the 200-foot ocean exploration vessel, "Quest."  With Quest, she co-developed and produced the series Adventures of the Quest, filmed in Australia and Alaska and completed in 1997.  Liz wrote, directed and co-presented these ocean exploration/marine natural history documentaries, which screen internationally on National Geographic’s cable network.
Liz then traveled to Kenya for seven months to run the award-winning IMAX® production, Africa’s Elephant Kingdom, directed by Michael Caulfield and produced by Mullion Creek Productions.  The film was released in 1998 and screens at IMAX® theatres internationally.

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