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The Voices of Wolves

bigImage Wolves -- A Unique Film

Undoubtedly the wolves themselves make the film unique.  Footage showing the interaction between the members of the pack family unit reveals an animal quite different from the one we thought we knew.  Wolves demonstrate intense affection, loyalty, curiosity, and intelligence.  They also spend a considerable amount of time at play and communicate in many different ways that include a variety of  facial and body expressions.  A lexicon could be written on the endless positions wolves have of holding their tails and ears.  What this movie does is capture the intimate life of wolves in a way that no TV film could possibly do.  Anybody who sees this film is going to leave the theater with a passionate and profound understanding of why it is important for wolves to be restored to Yellowstone and other traditional habitat.

- Christopher N. Palmer, Executive Producer

Intelligent, Loyal and Family-Oriented

Steve notes that even he was surprised by some aspects of wolf life that came to light during the making of the film. "The extraordinary care and patience lavished on the wolf pups by the other pack members their loyalty, intelligence and family-oriented nature of wolves just amazed me," he said.

Importance of the Film

"This film is important now because wolves are currently under enormous threat.  A judge in a federal district court in 1995 ordered the removal of all gray wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho.  There is tremendous animosity toward, and fear of wolves.  Quite simply, they need our help.  Someone is shooting endangered Mexican gray wolves that were introduced this year in the U.S. Southwest.  Some people fear that wolves will prey on their livestock, despite the lack of hard evidence supporting that claim.  In fact, the reintroduced Mexican gray wolves were hunting elk and avoiding livestock.  Hatred for wolves runs deep in the American psyche.  I  hope that WOLVES will play a part in helping to educate the public about the crucial role  that wolves play within a balanced ecosystem."

- Christopher N. Palmer, Executive Producer

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A National Wildlife Federation Presentation in collaboration with Primesco Communications. Producer: Goulam Amarsy. Associate Producer: Diane Roberts. Director: David Douglas. Distributed by National Wildlife Federation and Primesco Communications. Japanese Distributor: Cinema Japan Co., Ltd. Executive Producer: Christopher Palmer. Narrator: Robbie Robertson. Composer: Michael Cusson.


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