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The Voices of Whales

bigImage Greatest Underwater Moment

In all sincerity, one of greatest underwater moments of my career . . . Thirty years ago I did Gentle Giants. In three months we had only 12 encounters with whales. This time in 30 days I was with whales 107 times . . . I've done so many films that I keep thinking I've seen it all. But in Hawaii I was frequently so knocked out by the experience that I would have to get back to the boat and look at my flippers for two or three minutes before I could even talk about it.

- Al Giddings, Producer/Director/Director of Photography

Kim and the "Sub-Adult"

Then it happened: I noticed a curious sub-adult turn back toward Kim as she was swimming. I told Kim not to follow it, but just lie still and let it come to her.

The sub-adult circled her closely, gliding against her. Then the other whales all came, including a mother who made eye-contact with Kim (first with one eye, then the other). The mother kept Kim stationed right over her head while her calf came up curiously. Now slowly from the bottom of the frame, a huge lone whale came up. Meanwhile, another entered from the left until there were so many whales around Kim I lost count. All of them crowded into a single frame with Kim in the middle and surf everywhere. The magic of that image is incredible. I radioed to Mariano (still in the boat waiting for Kim) 'We're getting it, we're getting all of it,' and he replied in his wonderful Latin American accent 'I know, I know, I'm weeping.' And he was.

-Dr. Roger Payne, Whale Researcher and Writer/Co-Director of WHLAES

Pioneering Work

It was my impression several years ago that there were 2,500 blues left in the world in four or five populations. I never thought I would even see one. The count off the coast of California is now over 2,000. In addition to the aerial shots of blue whales feeding, I'm looking forward to trying the new free diving technique with blue whales. Whales are always tough to film, and blues are much more on the move, so it will be pioneering work.

- Al Giddings, Producer/Director/Director of Photography

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Produced by National Wildlife Federation, Destination Cinema and Zephyr Productions. Major funding provided by the National Wildlife Federation Endowment and by the National Science Foundation. Producers: Christopher Palmer, David Clark. Directors: David Clark, Al Giddings, and Dr. Roger Payne. Distributed by National Geographic Giant Screen Films. Japanese Distributor: Cinema Japan Co., Ltd. Executive Produced by Richard James. Editor: James Lahti. Writers: Dr. Roger Payne, Mose Taylor, and Dr. Leighton Taylor. Narrated by Patrick Stewart. Composer: Sam Cardin, with feature song by Yanni.


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