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Adventures in Wild California

The Voices of Adventures in Wild California

bigImage Giant Waves on the Giant Screen

A 70-foot screen is the only way to do justice to the biggest waves in the world.  The thing about Maverick’s is that it is so far out in the ocean that views of it are very limited in person.  Unless you’re there in the water, it’s impossible to truly know what it feels like out there.  With the IMAX camera, for the first time you can really get a good sense of the power that exists out there.  It was really exciting to have MacGillivray Freeman want to capture this.  It was a pretty wild shoot – even the cameramen were getting run over by the huge waves.

--Professional Surfer Jeff Clark

bigImage Human Airplane

I love flying the camera and filming almost more than I love jumping itself.  I love exposing film and seeing beautiful backdrops and chasing the action.  You almost feel like a human jet when you’re out there flying aggressively, trying to get to your target.  And what I like even more about is seeing the incredible footage later and editing it into a real adventure for people who might not have a chance to skydive.   I’m stunned and gratified to find myself doing something this wild for a living.

--Champion Freefall Cameraman Joe Jennings

bigImage Canaries in a Coalmine

Sea otters in my mind are kind of the canaries in the coalmine. As their population slowly declines, it might be a sign of something going wrong in their California habitat and ultimately in our California habitat.  I hope that by meeting these otter pups a little bit of that message will come across to audiences.  These guys are threatened and they could very well become a new addition to the endangered species list.  We’ve been studying sea otter carcasses trying to figure out what is causing their deaths, but it’s still a mystery.  We hope when we figure it out it will teach us a lot.

--Monterey Bay Aquarist Susan Campbell

bigImage Callifornia's Limitless Possibility

ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA is the incredible story of how a beautiful, wild geography inspired some of the most inventive human thinking and lifestyles in history.  The film is not just an ode to California’s obviously spectacular natural wonders – it also gives a really strong reason to save those wonders because they are a major influence on this unique, forward-thinking culture.  To look at the Sierra Nevada, or the Big Sur coast, or the forests of Yosemite and Sequoia, you can’t help but feel the limitlessness of possibility, and these have inspired a state that has been at the edge of technological innovation and human exploration from it beginnings.  When you see first hand what is possible in the mountains, skies and seas of the West, you get a real sense of how a wild landscape informs a wilder imagination.

--Director/Co-Producer Greg MacGillivray

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Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films. Producers: Greg MacGillivray, Mark Krenzien, and Alec Lorimore. Director: Greg MacGillivray. Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films. Executive Producer: K2 Communications. Writer: Mark Krenzien. Director of Photography: Brad Ohlund. Editor: Jim Foster. Narrator: Jimmy Smits. Original Score: Lindsay Buckingham and Brian Wilson.


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BMZ User Reviews

Rating: Excellent
Posted by:
...

Rating: Excellent
Posted by: louie22
Adventures featured some of the best film work I have seen in a while. I particularly enjoyed the sky surfing and big-wave surfing portions. However, the Disney part seemed a little too "branded" for my liking. Overall, I thought it was a fantastic movie and will probably end up seeing it again. ... Read More >>

Rating: excellent
Posted by: landrith1
Wow! Some pretty amazing stuff in here . . . from surfing 40 foot waves to surfing in the sky. And a cool Lindsey Buckingham soundtrack to boot! ... Read More >>