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The Voices of Galapagos

bigImage Being There . . .

"Very often, in the 3D experience, people reach up and feel as if they can actually touch the subject or look around it. To a great degree, it stimulates what we actually see with our eyes and then some, because we have the ability to change the lenses slightly and to change the point at which the focus converges between the two images."

Al Giddings, Co-Director/Producer/Cinematographer

$1000 A Minute . . .

"For the IMAX 3D format, the film is moving at about 330 feet [92 meters] per minute, and in three minutes it uses about $3,000 worth of film," adds Reeves. "It's a bit nerve-wracking when you hear the film going through the camera and you're waiting for a reaction from an animal you are filming. It's very daring to shoot natural history in this format."

--Al Giddings, Co-Director/Producer/Cinematographer

bigImage Going Deeper . . .

"When you're down in the submersible you are in another world.  After the half-hour descent, most of the places where we landed were sandy with large boulders, and the sub would hover just off the bottom.  As it moved forward, it really felt as though we were in a space shuttle floating over the surface of the moon.  You want to just jump out and touch things and pick things up.  But because of the incredible pressure, if you tried to do that you'd be crushed instantly.  In fact, just for fun we'd write things on polystyrene cups and attach them to the outside of the sub to see what the pressure at 3,000 feet [915 m] would do to them.  And when we returned to the surface, a normal size drinking cup would be reduced to about 1 1/2 inches [3.8cm] in height."

--Dr. Carole Baldwin, Galapagos Featured Scientist

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A Co-Production of the Smithsonian Institution and Imax Limited. Producers: Al Giddings and David Clark. Directors: Al Giddings and David Clark. Executive Producers: Laurence P. O'Reilly, Andrew Gellis, Peter Guber. Writers: Barry Clark and David Clark. Top-side Directors of Photography: Andrew Kitzanuk, Reed Smoot. Narrator: Kenneth Branagh. Featuring Songs and Music by: Mark Isham. Original Score Composed by: Mark Isham.


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BMZ User Reviews

Rating: Good
Posted by: rxbolt
This movie showed less of Galapagos than others I have seen. It frequently, and clumsily, reminded the viewer that a female scientist ("Dr. Baldwin") was doing all these great things on the island. Gave no credit to her male colleagues, esp. the one who piloted their submersible to the bottom of the ocean. There are better documentaries about Galapagos. Sadly, it seems a now all-too-familiar agenda made this movie less than it could have been. ... Read More >>