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Film Summary of Wolves

bigImage Filmed in locations that include Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Quebec, WOLVES provides viewers with intimate and rarely seen footage of one of North America's greatest predators: Canis lupus.

A moving soundtrack that includes music by Native North Americans adds a deeply poignant element to the film and propels viewers on an inner quest of their own. WOLVES tells the remarkable story of one of the world's most tenacious species and our closest fellow predator.

During eight months of filming that produced over 28 miles of film footage, the seven-man production crew of WOLVES, led by award winning director David Douglas, followed their elusive subjects across remote landscapes in an effort to have their camera catch glimpses of a way of life known only to a handful of scientists.

The resulting story proves that wolves are making a comeback, not only physically through recovery project efforts across the continent, but also in changing attitudes around the planet.

Against all odds, and with determination and cooperation, a long-broken link in our planet's ecological chain has been repaired. The engaging and informative film, is a collaboration between National Wildlife Productions and Primesco Communications.

Unlike any other visual format, large-screen films connect viewers with some of the world's wildest and most inaccessible places while simultaneously entertaining and educating them in unique and unforgettable ways.

In WOLVES, viewers literally soar over some of North America's most beautiful wilderness, which was once, and is now again, natural habitat to the greatest of North America's predators. But most importantly, WOLVES offers hope and inspiration, a look at the good that people can do when they care enough to correct some of the mistakes that threaten the health of the natural world.

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A National Wildlife Federation Presentation in collaboration with Primesco Communications. Producer: Goulam Amarsy. Associate Producer: Diane Roberts. Director: David Douglas. Distributed by National Wildlife Federation and Primesco Communications. Japanese Distributor: Cinema Japan Co., Ltd. Executive Producer: Christopher Palmer. Narrator: Robbie Robertson. Composer: Michael Cusson.


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