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The Stories of Bears

bigImage Close Call in the Arctic

"Of all bear species, polar bears are the most dangerous because they are almost completely carniverous.  We had a close call with one technician in the Arctic when we were filming polar bears.  This technician caught the attention of a polar bear and barely made it back into the vehicle in time."

- Chris Palmer, Executive Producer

Lucky Weather Leads to Stunning Footage

"The most notorious thing about filming in Alaska is the unpredictability of the weather. Yet, the last week we went out to film the bears fishing in the McNeil River we had the best weather imaginable. Sunny, clear days! Viewers will be astounded by the quality of the footage we were able to capture with this extraordinary light."

-David Lickley, Director of BEARS

bigImage Nanook -- The Great White Hunter

"To the Inuit people of the Arctic, for example, the most powerful animal in their world was the polar bear.  They believed that the spirit of the bear was interchangeable with the human spirit.  Like humans, the bear stood upright to face its foes.  Like humans, the bear was a great hunter.  Their name for the bear was Nanook -- the great white hunter.   Their soapstone carvings of polar bears show an understanding of the animal based on close observation that blends science and artistry."

- Chris Palmer, Executive Producer

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A National Wildlife Federation and Science North Presentation of a Primesco Film. Producers: Goulam Amarsy and James Marchbank. Director: David Lickley. Co-distributed by National Wildlife Federation and Primesco Distribution Inc. Distributed in Japan by Cinema Japan Co., Ltd. Co-Executive Producers: Christopher N. Palmer and Ed Capelle. Editor: James Lahti. Writer: Alexander Low. Narrator: Tyrone Benskin Composer: Violane Corradi, with feature song by Lyle Lovett.


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