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The Stars of Galapagos

bigImage Dr. Carole Baldwin, Marine Biologist and Expedition Leader
For Dr. Carole Baldwin, Galapagos incorporates many firsts: her first time in a feature film, her first dive in a submersible, and her first expeditions to Galápagos. Dr. Baldwin was born in South Carolina and developed an early love for the ocean while living near the seashore and exploring along the beaches and amongst tidal pools. "I think my earliest memories are of my father picking me up and literally throwing me into the waves of the ocean," says Baldwin. "I would come swimming back out, but I think maybe my heart stayed there. All of the things that would come out of the ocean just fascinated me . . . and I knew that there was another world out there." Since receiving her Ph.D. in Marine Science from the College of William and Mary's School of Marine Science in 1992, Dr. Baldwin has conducted research and published articles focused on the evolutionary relationship of fish for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. But when it came time for the producers to decide which of Dr. McClosker's selected group of scientists would be the central focus of the expedition, it was Baldwin's childlike fascination and enthusiasm for the subject, even more than her expertise, that landed her the role. Notes Co-Director/Producer David Clark, "Carole is so enthusiastic and charismatic and we knew she was just perfect for the film."

Dr. John McCosker, Chief Scientist
One of the world's foremost experts on the Galápagos, Dr. McCosker has participated in or led research projects and expeditions to the Antarctic, Australia, southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Central and South America, the Galápagos, and Israel. After extensive study and 10 expeditions to the Islands, he is an expert in ichthyology (the branch of zoology that deals with fishes) and was ideally qualified to be the film's head scientific advisor. Most recently featured in Al Giddings and David Clark's television documentary Galápagos: Beyond Darwin, Dr. John McCosker has also worked with both filmmakers on other documentary projects. He has served as an advisor for BBC Television's The World Around Us and for The Walt Disney Cable Network's The Nature of Things. His research was featured in the BBC and NOVA television special Jaws, The True Story. Since 1995, Dr. McCosker has held the position of Senior Scientist at the California Academy of Sciences, based in San Francisco.

Dr. David Pawson, Associate Marine Biologist
Dr. David Pawson has served as the Associate Director for Science and Acting Director at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. Throughout his career, Dr. Pawson has collected data around isolated islands including the Galápagos, Hawaii, New Zealand, Ascension, Bermuda, South Georgia, Deception and several Caribbean islands. His fieldwork has included the use of diving apparatuses and oceanographic vessels in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Antarctic. He has made over 200 dives in manned marine submersibles to depths in excess of 13,000 feet [3962 meters] and published over 200 articles and book chapters.

Mathias Espinosa, Naturalist Guide
As a naturalist guide and "diveguide" Mathias Espinosa has been working in the Galápagos since 1988. Along with Jack Nelson, Espinosa opened the dive shop Scuba Iguana in 1996, and conducts over 700 dives per year. Born in Germany to German and Ecuadorian parents, diveguide Mathias Espinosa is the only Scuba Instructor trainer in Galápagos (and one of only two in Ecuador), and has logged over 5000 dives there. In addition, he is an underwater video and camera expert who has collaborated with numerous underwater photographers and documentary and motion picture production companies. A pioneer diveguide in Galápagos, Espinosa has worked to find and map dive sites-several of which have been designated as recognized natural sanctuaries. Active in conservation and natural history education, he has also worked to combat illegal fishing in the Galápagos National Park.

Kenneth Branagh, Narrator
Writer, actor, director, producer Kenneth Branagh (Narrator) has narrated the 25-hour CNN documentary series Cold War, as well as the series Great Composers, Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood, and Anne Frank Remembered. He has most recently completed a starring voice performance for Dreamwork's forthcoming animated feature The Road to El Dorado.

Mark Isham, Composer
Named one of the "Top Three Composers of the 80s" by the American Film Institute, score Composer Mark Isham won a Grammy for his self-titled 1990 album, earned an Emmy for the main title theme to EZ Streets, and received both a Grammy and Academy Award nomination for his score for A River Runs Through It. In addition, he composed the film scores for Robert Redford's Quiz Show, Jodie Foster's Nell (for which he received a Golden Globe nomination), Sidney Lumet's Night Falls on Manhattan, and numerous other major motion pictures. Isham has been nominated for seven Grammy Awards.

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A Co-Production of the Smithsonian Institution and Imax Limited. Producers: Al Giddings and David Clark. Directors: Al Giddings and David Clark. Executive Producers: Laurence P. O'Reilly, Andrew Gellis, Peter Guber. Writers: Barry Clark and David Clark. Top-side Directors of Photography: Andrew Kitzanuk, Reed Smoot. Narrator: Kenneth Branagh. Featuring Songs and Music by: Mark Isham. Original Score Composed by: Mark Isham.


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Rating: Good
Posted by: rxbolt
This movie showed less of Galapagos than others I have seen. It frequently, and clumsily, reminded the viewer that a female scientist ("Dr. Baldwin") was doing all these great things on the island. Gave no credit to her male colleagues, esp. the one who piloted their submersible to the bottom of the ocean. There are better documentaries about Galapagos. Sadly, it seems a now all-too-familiar agenda made this movie less than it could have been. ... Read More >>