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BMZ Reviewer: Herb Lash

In the 1980s, a smaller Herb Lash wandered around the Smithsonian Institute's Air and Space Museum and went slack-jawed while watching TO FLY. He liked it.. Herb has gone on to watch a great many other Big Movies, Hollywood movies, independent films, documentaries and experimental films. He has learned a good deal over the last seven years working in development and watching films for a variety of producers, actors and directors - some successful, some struggling, a few Academy Award winners and some who can't get past the studio gate.

Herb thinks of himself as a Big Movie fan before he thinks of himself as a critic. Herb reviews Big Movies with the intention of being fair and the hope of having something interesting or at least intelligent to say about the films in question. The peculiarities of the Big Movie industry sometimes force the hand of its filmmakers. And still, there are Big Movies that manage to escape these artificial boundaries. Of course, good, innovative films create good, vocal, enthusiastic fans. These are the films Herb looks forward to seeing and writing about. Herb invites your opinion and feedback - he wants to know when he is wrong and when he is right. Mostly, he wants to see good Big Movies.

Email your comments to Herb Lash.    Also, click here to see Herb's review of new and upcoming films from the GSTA 2000 industry conference.

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