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Reviews of Wolves

"Wolves has enjoyed tremendous success so far at Fernbank. We have sold out most of our weekend shows and have received great feedback from both our visitors and sponsors alike."
- Marissa Vivona, The Fernbank Museum of Natural History  

"Wolves suited the British Columbia market perfectly. The film attracted a whole new indergarten-to-grade-six audience for us. They loved it!"
- Patricia Brandino, National Geographic Theater  

"Audiences, especially schools, love the ability to learn more about these fascinating canines. Our sponsorship partners in launching and supporting the film have been impressed with the numbers they have reached – and with the quality of the film experience. It’s been a hooooowwwling success at The Science Place!"
- The Science Place, Liz Bleiberg  

"For the opening of Wolves we developed a Heritage Day celebration to cross-promote the Museum’s Native American exhibition hall since there is a great spiritual connection between the two. Needless to say, with all of the festivities, the opening weekend of Wolves was a great success!"
- Deborah Ford, Houston Museum of Natural Science  

"The film Wolves was well received by all the children at the 5th La Geode Film Festival. Based on this success, we have programmed it to run during the peak hours of family attendance."
- Nelly Duval, La Geode  

"After 70 years, the howl of Canis Lupus is once again heard in America’s West…There have been TV documentaries about them of course, but none takes us deep inside the world of the wolf like this amazing (and gorgeous) giant screen film."
- Jane Sumner, Dallas Morning News (5/1/2000)  Read Review >>

Omnimax perfect for showing the magnificence of `Wolves'
"Omnimax is perfect for showing the magnificence of Wolves…but Wolves is successful on a much deeper level. The thrilling, pounding drive of the Native American music, Robbie Robertson’s deep crackling, near-hypnotic narration, the impossible openness of the land, the magnificence of the animals themselves..." "
- Arthur Salm, Union Tribune, San Diego (10/5/2000)  

"Much of Wolves is scored with American Indian music and it is haunting and powerful. Huge images may be the name of the IMAX game, but, for this film, music is a chief asset."
- Bruce Westbrooke, The Houston Chronicle  

"Wolves is a very educational film and was well shot. The music, along with the giant dome gives you a great effect on what a wolf’s life is like… Wolves is a great film everyone should see. So go see Wolves and see the Wolves behind the old folk tales."
- Anthony Kaneaster, 13- years old, The San Diego Union  

"Wolves was considered to be one of the outstanding documentaries of the year!"
- The Academy of Motion Picutre Arts and Sciences  

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A National Wildlife Federation Presentation in collaboration with Primesco Communications. Producer: Goulam Amarsy. Associate Producer: Diane Roberts. Director: David Douglas. Distributed by National Wildlife Federation and Primesco Communications. Japanese Distributor: Cinema Japan Co., Ltd. Executive Producer: Christopher Palmer. Narrator: Robbie Robertson. Composer: Michael Cusson.


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