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Adventures in Wild California

Reviews of Adventures in Wild California

"At last, a documentary-style IMAX film . . . that takes full advantage of the spectacular scale and vibrant visual experience of the format."
- Donald Munro, Fresno Bee  

"Adventures in Wild California lives up to its title. . . amazing footage!"
- E! Entertainment Television  

A new IMAX film captures the majesty and the minutiae of the Golden State
"By showcasing the natural and man-made wonder of California, veteran naturalist-filmmaker Greg MacGillivray ("Everest") successfully zeros in on the sense of awe and the optimism that have attracted so many transients here over the decades and have also inspired the few risk-takers among us."
- Joe Baltake, Sacramento Bee  Read Review >>

"There are parts to thrill, educate and amaze . . . breathtaking and rugged in a wild California kind of way."
- Bob Thompson, Toronto Sun  

"It's a tall order to somehow link sequoia trees to surfers, or sea otters to sky divers, but the filmmakers make it work . . . [they] pulled out all the stops, using every inch of the big screen and swiftly moving the movie from one scene to the next. You might not learn as much as you did on IMAX trips through the Amazon or up Everest, but you'll at least enjoy the ride."
- Michael Mehlo, Denver Rocky Mountain News  

"There are no better vicarious experiences than those offered in IMAX, particularly from the crackerjacks at MacGillivray Freeman Films . . . as always, the visuals will suck the breath right out of you."
- Arthur Salm, San Diego Union Tribune  

"It's a thrill to watch sky surfer Troy Hartman and free-fall cameraman Joe Jennings descend over San Diego at 150 mph. And it's downright awesome to witness Peninsula surfer Jeff Clark . . .Other delights are more subtle; aerial shots of Yosemite and biologists studying giant sequoia there, the work of a marine biologist returning sea otters to the ocean, a zoologist protecting bald eagles. . . ."
- Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle  

"Here is the perfect film for those who claim to relish the glories of California-desert, ocean, mountains-but never do anything more rugged than climb the "hills" of the gym StairMaster . . . There is poetry in all this-in the stunning close-up of a bald eagle tending her young, for instance, but also in the dedication and ingenuity of humans who strive to save what remains of the West's natural wonders."
- Chuck Wilson, LA Weekly  

"A mixture of eye popping and environmentally friendly adventure…"
- Steve Murray, Atlanta Journal Constitution  

"Hopping from the dichotomy of the land to the diversity of its inhabitants… this is an IMAX film that will leave the viewer breathless"
- Boston Herald, Amy Amatangelo  

"The most absorbing sequences celebrate extreme adventure and combines meaning and usefulness with risk."
- Philadelphia Inquirer, Desmond Ryan  

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Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films. Producers: Greg MacGillivray, Mark Krenzien, and Alec Lorimore. Director: Greg MacGillivray. Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films. Executive Producer: K2 Communications. Writer: Mark Krenzien. Director of Photography: Brad Ohlund. Editor: Jim Foster. Narrator: Jimmy Smits. Original Score: Lindsay Buckingham and Brian Wilson.


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Outside Reviews:

"A new IMAX film captures the majesty and the minutiae of the Golden State" By Joe Baltake, Sacramento Bee

"Going Wild in California" By Bob Thompson, Toronto Sun

"Adventures in Wild California" By Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle

"Adventures in Wild California" By Chris Gore, Film Threat

"Adventures in Wild California" By Mike Kerrigan, BoxOffice Magazine

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BMZ User Reviews

Rating: Excellent
Posted by:
...

Rating: Excellent
Posted by: louie22
Adventures featured some of the best film work I have seen in a while. I particularly enjoyed the sky surfing and big-wave surfing portions. However, the Disney part seemed a little too "branded" for my liking. Overall, I thought it was a fantastic movie and will probably end up seeing it again. ... Read More >>

Rating: excellent
Posted by: landrith1
Wow! Some pretty amazing stuff in here . . . from surfing 40 foot waves to surfing in the sky. And a cool Lindsey Buckingham soundtrack to boot! ... Read More >>