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Reviews of Bears

"Kids…will love this beautifully-shot IMAX nature documentary showing bears and their cubs frolicking and struggling to survive in Alaska, Montana and northern Canada."
- Lou Lemenick, New York Post  

"This spectacularly filmed, hour-long documentary is educational but also visually entertaining."
- Lisa Wilton, Calgary Sun  

"Bears offers a glimpse of just how tough it is to be a bear these days. The filmmakers went into the wilderness and let the animals ‘speak’ for themselves through natural behavior in natural setting…From polar bears in the Arctic tundra and black bears in the northern Rockies to a group of hungry grizzlies catching salmon on the McNeil River in Alaska, Bears presents spectacular footage of these enterprising omnivores in the full glory of their natural habitat."
- Tracy Dingmann, Albuquerque Journal  

"Black bear cubs gambol in the grass, making honking noises that sound hilariously like geese. Polar bears do ‘strange tangos on the tundra’. And when the salmon spawn, grizzlies congregate at a river, jostling for position like unruly relatives at a family picnic."
- Laurel Graeber, The New York Times  

"Bears…is far from gloom and doom. It is packed with comedic moments, such as tussling black bear cubs honking like geese as they play…and grizzlies at the salmon-filled river jostle each other like kids at a candy jar." "
- Bill Blankenship, The Topeka Capital-Journal  

"Bears feels like a luxuriously modern educational film; nothing is glamorized and there’s no cloying story… (It) is a reverie, a sweet ride through bear territories that happen to be some of the most beautiful land on the Earth."
- Diane Urbani, The Desert News  

"Viewers are treated to amazing new footage of North America’s three bear species – black, brown, and polar – in some of the continent’s most beautiful and remote areas."
- Doug Hardy, Journal Inquirer  

"An educational (and appealing) new film from the National Wildlife Federation puts you eye-to-eye with these powerful, beautiful and often misunderstood creatures. The film successfully combines a documentary-style narration with some magnificent footage of three types of North American bears in their natural habitats."
- Alyson Ward, Fort Worth Star Telegram  

"Bears is meant to inspire, not depress. Kids especially will love the close-ups of cubs roughhousing, squawking, being swept downstream, and tumbling (splat!) out of a tree."
- Jane Sumner, Dallas Morning News  

""Bears…is truly a family movie and one with an obvious conservation message and mission. This movie never frightens the viewer even though its subject is the planet’s largest terrestrial predator. Bears are shown nursing young, endlessly searching for food and often facing a fragile future."
- Linda Stahl, The Louisville Courier-Journal  

"Filled with fun facts and aboriginal beliefs about the bear spirits, Bears is a great way to introduce children to these magnificent animals."
- Lisa Wilton, Calgary Sun  

"Our family audiences like Bears, particularly the scenes featuring the cubs when the entire audience spontaneously says "ahhhh". We have been very pleased with its performance. Our Saturday and Sunday daytime shows have been selling out."
- Cherie Rivers, Museum of Science, Boston  

"People love the film! Bears exceeded everyone’s expectations and received some of the best comments we've ever heard from our members, general public and school groups, alike!"
- Kent Shark, Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center  

"We have been extremely pleased with the audience response to Bears. Our audience is skewed to a very young demographic and we have found that children, as well as adults, thoroughly enjoy the film. Bears is a film that people just plain love!"
- DeDe Boezi, Children's Museum of Indianapolis  

"Bears is performing extremely well in Calgary. The combination of fun and frolic intricately woven into an environmental and educationally inspiring film has captured the interests of young and old, alike. Bears is primarily special to Calgarians as we are so close to real live bears. This link has generated additional interest in the local community."
- Brad Struble, Calgary Science Centre  

"The opening for Bears went great! We held a special member and pass holder event the night before launching the film and sold out both shows. Kids and adults alike, found the film to be really enjoyable, educational and entertaining."
- Carol Murray, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History  

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A National Wildlife Federation and Science North Presentation of a Primesco Film. Producers: Goulam Amarsy and James Marchbank. Director: David Lickley. Co-distributed by National Wildlife Federation and Primesco Distribution Inc. Distributed in Japan by Cinema Japan Co., Ltd. Co-Executive Producers: Christopher N. Palmer and Ed Capelle. Editor: James Lahti. Writer: Alexander Low. Narrator: Tyrone Benskin Composer: Violane Corradi, with feature song by Lyle Lovett.


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