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BMZ Review: NSync: Bigger Than Live
By Herb Lash


BMZ Review of NSYNC: Bigger Than Live
Written by: Herb Lash
Source: Big Movie Zone
Date: April 2001


Category: Reviews

Love is blind - and sometimes hysterical. Millions love *NSYNC and they will  all find things to love about Bigger Than Live - The Concert Film. The fellas sing the songs that have shook the world, the guys bust plenty of  choreographed moves, bad boy cherub Justin leads the pack in face time and the stage show explodes in all the right places. Everything is set to eleven and the crowd likes it that way, the girls go crazy, a good time is had by all. Except for those looking for a step forward in the world of LF concert filmmaking. But these folks miss the point. Here, if it doesn't have to with *NSYNC it doesn't matter. Boy Band Bashing has become a cruel and lame sport - if you don't like your fish raw, don't go out for sushi. Bigger Than Live is for the *NSYNC fan who didn't get to go to the show or for the fan who wants better seats this time - and it delivers all it promises.

The familiar "No Strings Attached" theme opens the show as Justin (cute), JC (cool), Lance (nice), Joey (big brotherly), Chris (wacky) are all suspended high above the stage as limp, lifeless marionettes. But the beats begin and just like the Nutcracker - these puppets come to life and they have come to rock your world. The cameras simply keep up with the onstage antics and action. The filmmakers stick to definitions - creatively they do little more than film the concert.  The Fellas rip through nine songs in head reeling succession - all taken from a few different nights' performances - the guys take a bow, the stage show ends and the credits roll.

Aside from an early backstage scene, there are no unguarded moments with the fellas.   A lack of interviews, casual clowing around or off-stage segues of any kind suggest the  *NSYNC members were not overly concerned with the efforts of the filmmakers. The film compares interestingly to the now playing ALL ACCESS concert film, where some of the best images were captured off-stage (Moby's hotel bed, roadies, airplanes, beefy security men. . .) Bigger Than Live shuts out everything except the stage and the crowd. The costume changes keep things colorful, the dance routines are certainly FRESH and the music is. . . .for those who love it. The most fascinating aspect of Bigger Than Live  is just what ALL ACCESS forgot - the crowd.

At the height of the British Invasion the Beatles stood at the center of sold out Shea Stadium unable to hear their instruments or voices because of the shrieks, screams and cries of their fans. The Beatles were in the process of creating the modern pop band and re-inventing rock and roll music - but nobody could hear a thing. No matter what you think of the music of the Beatles or the music of the Boy Bands - sometimes the mania matters more than the music. The screaming teenage girl is a social and economic force that can never be underestimated and only sometimes tamed. Bigger Than Live's sweeping crowd shots put real faces on the phenomena. At one point during the show the *NSYNC crew rides a "floating" platform out over their admirers while crooning an 'I will love you forever' sort of ballad. Returned astronauts, the Popemobile, royal weddings and World Series champs have received a less ecstatic response than the one showered upon levitating wonder boys Lance, JC, Joey, Justin and Chris. It is a fascinating moment. Maybe even a frightening moment for those who have not fallen hysterically in love. But for *NSYNC lovers and their parents, the film will feel just as good as the
albums do.

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