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BMZ Review: Penguins 3D
By Ann Coates


Penguins 3D
Written by: Ann Coates
Source: Big Movie Zone
Date: March 23, 2015


Category: Reviews

nWave Pictures' Penguins 3D focuses its story on a remote corner of the world -- the island of South Georgia, and the habitat of the King Penguin.  It takes 16 months for parent penguins to rear a chick, and it is this oft-times harrowing but ultimately triumphant experience that comprises the film's central story.  Essentially a family drama played out by penguins, the film tactfully and movingly tells the tenacity and perseverance of these animals in a concise 22 minutes.

With his recognizable voice and astute insights, naturalist David Attenborough narrates the film.  Although presented in 3D, the effect isn't really necessary to view the film.  The 3D rather than popping out towards the viewer adds a rear dimension, a feature that neither accentuates nor hinders.  Transitions from one film format to another do burden the film, however.  Where footage capturing the penguins appear clear and sharp, others such as shots of their environment appear grainy and at times dull.

Like the more popular and physically larger Emperor Penguins of Antarctica, the King Penguins of South Georgia must also stand and wait in the cold to keep their egg warm.  Father and mother alternate between warming their egg while the other departs to hunt and feed.  Though seemingly repetitive, the film manages to find the inherent drama as the penguins must endure the extreme winter cold and even possible starvation.

Rearing a chick is hard business, but after five months of harsh winter weather, the chicks finally shed their downy coat to reveal their feathers underneath.  Now ready to join the world of adults, the film completes its glimpse into the lives of these penguins.  It is a brief peek into their world, but still a notable one.

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