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BMZ Review: Space Junk 3D
By Ann Coates


Space Junk 3D
Written by: Ann Coates
Source: Big Movie Zone
Date: December 5th, 2011


Category: Reviews

A CGI-heavy film, Space Junk 3D documents the growing issue of space debris surrounding the Earth.  Mainly an educational film, it nevertheless provides a good introduction into this little known but important issue.  Digitally rendered images of nearby and outer space compose the film, and is heightened by crisp 3D.

The film opens on a familiar terrestrial landscape by following NASA's head of orbital debris.  An impact crater caused by a meteor introduces the issue of collisions both on Earth and in space.  Much of the danger in space debris is centered upon the collision of the satellites orbiting Earth.  Animated sequences display the force and innumerable fragments caused by colliding satellites.  The CGI images work very well to reveal the amount of rubbish that creates an orbiting belt of debris around our planet.

Contrasting these man-made impacts are the naturally-occuring galactic collisions.  The film spends some moments exploring colliding galaxies in beautiful but turbulent images which appear more as a galactic dance than an explosive and destructive smashing of stars.  Though overly romanticized in the film, I'm guessing such galactic collisions are probably much more violent and terrible than the graceful images we see on screen.

The film continues on in its very educational manner on the effects of space debris which could very well change how we explore the universe.  A conjectural image from the moon looking at the Earth reveals the depressing reality of satellite pollution -- an image of a trash filled Earth from ground to outer space.  The film does offer possible solutions to the debris surrounding Earth, such as nets to gather the trash or -- perhaps the most ambitious -- a recycling center for space junk residing in outer space itself.

In the end, if the issue of space junk is not somewhat resolved, Earth could very well have rings like Saturn, though ours would be composed of trash and waste rather than space rocks.  A very educational jaunt through Earth's orbit, the film ultimately exposes humanity's uncanny ability to create garbage wherever we are, and also apparently wherever we aren't.

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