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BMZ Review: Rescue (3D)
By Ann Coates


Rescue 3D
Written by: Ann Coates
Source: Big Movie Zone
Date: October 19th, 2011


Category: Reviews

Rescue 3D, the latest film from veteran Giant Screen filmmaker Stephen Low, follows first responders and captures the devastating effects of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  The film acts as a tribute to rescue professionals and an eye-opening document of the initial efforts to help the people of Haiti.  Seen on the IMAX screen, the giant 3D images from the film intensify the Haiti catastrophe, but also ultimately reveal the redemptive efforts of real-life heroes.

The film follows four rescue professionals and their training -- both military and civilian.  Though the first part of the film is obviously not real life disasters, it is still nevertheless filled with impressive images and particularly dangerous training sequences.  Some of the film's best moments are in the air as it follows a Chinook helicopter (piloted by Major Matt Jonkey) as it hovers over a cliff to save a hiker, or demonstrates landing on water and dust.  No less arresting are the images of the giant C-17 aircraft and its pilot Capt. Lauren Ross.  The C-17 is able to haul the largest of military equipment across the world, and acts as a makeshift hospital in a devastated Haiti.  Commander Peter Crain, captain of the Canadian Navy Frigate the Athabaskan, and firefighter Steven Heicklen round out the responders featured in the film.

The audience gets a sense that these professionals spend most of their time in training.  When a humanitarian crisis hits, particularly the Haiti earthquake, viewers see their prompt response.  Perhaps the most extraordinary images of Rescue were filmed in Haiti.  Composed of mostly of aerial shots looking below at a ravaged Haiti, viewers see destruction and desperation on a massive scale.  Nevertheless, it is the response to this crisis which gives the film its heart as countries unite to help those in need.

An engaging film, Rescue contains some of the most poignant images captured of Haiti.  IMAX is perhaps the only medium to truly express the epic devastation of the Haiti earthquake.  A film of grand scope and fitting tribute, Rescue succeeds in exposing the crisis in Haiti, but more importantly, the noble and selfless actions of first responders everywhere.

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