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BMZ Review: Magic Journey to Africa (3D)
By Ann Coates


Magic Journey to Africa 3D
Written by: Ann Coates
Source: Big Movie Zone
Date: March 28, 2011


Category: Reviews

Released in IMAX and other Giant Screen theaters, Magic Journey to Africa 3D is a prime testament to why Giant Screen filmmakers should stick with documentaries and avoid fictional storytelling at all costs.  The film tells the aimless story of a 10-year-old named Jana and her obsession with a homeless boy whom she sees in the streets of Barcelona.  Jana's somewhat disturbing curiosity and search for the boy propels her into African dreamscapes and into a disconnected journey from one inexplicable scene to the next.

From what I was able to gather from the story, Jana -- lunching with her father -- is suddenly drawn to a little African boy whom she sees in passing.  She thinks of the boy night and day, and eventually discovers he is ill and in the hospital.  They form a friendship even if the boy is mostly unconscious.  He leaves the hospital without informing Jana, but manages to send her a magical stone which transports her to a Wonderland version of Africa where Jana searches for her friend.

A major flaw of the film is its lack of connective thread.  It's basically a jumbled mess of African vistas, sentient animals and a girl on a journey to find the world of dreams -- which technically isn't she already there if there are talking animals and flying horses?  A fantasy without direction or rules, the story meanders as Jana encounters animals and people that offer lofty messages about finding one's own reality or something ...

The film suddenly turns from Jana's search for the boy into her quest to protect the stories of mankind -- which apparently fall from the sky in fully published book form.  She and her guide attempt to save one of these books from attacking crows intent on destroying mankind's stories.  Then something happens where the two are transported into an area occupied by children and elephants.  The children must read these books to the elephants who will remember the stories for all eternity.  Huh?  Exactly.

In any case, I'm assuming this nonsense of a film is a meditation on death without actually saying it.  The boy "leaves" the hospital most likely by dying.  Jana -- searching perhaps for her already dead friend -- is transported into this middle world where reality and fantasy co-mingle.  Is Jana herself dead or alive?  Or is she a Dante-figure guiding us through a purgatory realm between life and death?  One particular visual cue evokes the death metaphor: a newly-killed lioness and the boy sleep in an abandoned building that I assume is the realm of the dead.  If that is the case, then I think my brain decided to stay there rather than endure the rest of this film.  Goodbye!

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