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BMZ Review: Molecules to the MAX!
By Ann Coates


Molecules to the MAX!
Written by: Ann Coates
Source: Big Movie Zone
Date: April 29, 2009


Category: Reviews

Molecules to the Max, an educational film at heart, relies heavily on the medium in which it is viewed.  Only a shadow of storyline makes up the film.  As such, the educational value greatly overpowers its ability to entertain which lies solely on the Giant Screen presentation.  A viewing in a dome setting is sure to get more wows, and an upcoming 3D version of the film should also up the enjoyment factor.

We follow Oxy, an oxygen atom, in her "Molecularium" spacecraft as she travels through the unseen world of atoms and molecules.  She is accompanied by two hydrogen atoms, Hydro and Hydra, and a stern, straight-laced on-board computer which of course gets the most laughs from the audience.  Through their journeys they meet other characters in the form of atoms and molecules.  Education is the intent of this film with just a hint of entertainment, but it works for this purpose.  Simple scientific concepts are easily understood through the medium of the film.  But as we progress into more complex systems, the film falters in a jumbled heap of polymer strains.

The animation itself does what it sets out to do, no more no less.  It presents the nature and behavior of atoms in the most realistic way possible when enlarged 10 million times their normal size.  Much of the background is filled with the gigantic globes of atoms and molecules.  At first, it provides an interesting view into the miniscule world, but not much changes in 40 minutes.  We hardly ever leave the Molecularium ship, the background patterns and colors change a bit, but not much else.

The characters themselves are conventional as are the mishaps that occur within the story, but then again, there isn't much room to explore depth of personality when all you are is a pink orb with two eyes and mouth.  Despite this, viewers will learn -- the usually dry, stodgy world of science is given a bit of life in the easy-to-understand lessons offered in the film.  The musical numbers tend towards the banal, but I guess it's easier to learn that argon is inert when you're singing about it.

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