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BMZ Review: Dinosaurs Alive! (3D/2D)
By Ann Coates


Photo courtesy Giant Screen Films. Photo: Bill Reeve.

Dinosaurs Alive! 3D
Written by: Ann Coates
Source: Big Movie Zone
Date: May 24, 2007


Category: Reviews

A passable film for most dinosaur lovers, Dinosaurs Alive! 3D is a dinosaur story seen through the eyes of paleontologists and the fossils they find.  The film touches upon a number of dinosaurs and their behavior, but for the most part is a story dedicated to the fossil records and the scientists that study them.

The film begins in the Gobi Desert, where famous adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews once hunted for dinosaur fossils.  Archival footage of his efforts are shown here, along with expansive aerial shots of the Gobi itself.  The flatness of the desert makes the 3D aspect moot in this case, but the film picks up once dinosaurs are introduced into the picture.  Some "ghosting" occurs with the 3D, where images appear doubled or contain visible outlines, but subsequent prints should have cleaner images.  Nevertheless, the technical hitches concerning the CG creatures make for quite a distraction.  Detail and focus are unsuccessfully wrought, making it difficult to discern the feathers of a Velociraptor or the teeth of a Tarbosaurus (a relative of the T-Rex).

From the Gobi, Dinosaurs travels to New Mexico where some of the oldest dinosaur bones have been found.  Here, in the area known as "Ghost Ranch," we learn through layers of rock, fossils have been discovered dating back to the Triassic Period (around 230 million years ago).  The film shows a prehistoric tropical New Mexico where a flash flood buries a group of dinosaurs -- only to be found millions of years later as erosion begins to expose their remains.

The bulk of the film, however,  is spent with paleontologists.  Their story is interesting enough -- the film respectfully acquaints viewers with exactly how scientists go about finding fossils.  Though the film offers only a smattering of CG dinosaurs, it should provide a reasonable amount of entertainment and education.

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