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BMZ Review: Ghosts of the Abyss (3D)
By Ross Anthony


Titanic Revisited
Written by: Ross Anthony
Source: Ross Anthony's Hollywood Report Card
Date: April 2003


Category: Reviews

Though the title echoes of an earlier film by Cameron, make no mistake -- this is not a feature film. Rather, this mildly amusing documentary has been made especially for 3D IMAX theatres and specially outfitted 35mm 3-D theaters. Film czar "I'm on top of the world" James Cameron, is, in fact, one of film directors I revere most. "Titanic," "Terminator 2," "True Lies" these are some awesome motion pictures. T2 being one of my favorite films of all time.

That said, "Ghosts of the Abyss" comes nowhere near the thrill and drama of the aforementioned films. It feels like a hobby, a fun trip for Jim who has a justified fascination with Titanic. As he says, "When I first went to Titanic, I was so in awe of just being there that I couldn't really think beyond that.  Having had a few years to think about it I knew that if I ever went back it would be with a specific purpose in mind.  That purpose was to do the most beautiful imaging that we could of the ship, and to do the most thorough investigation of that ship that was possible." (Click here for my interview with James Cameron.)

However, what his expedition finds is much less interesting to me than how he finds it. The tiny submarines, the 6 foot model, the video robots (affectionately named Jake & Elwood) and lighting apparatus -- these are all innovative, curious and fascinating. But an old rusted boat... Well, I could find better things to watch with my theater going buck.

Bill Paxton introduces the picture and then takes us down into the depths along with Jim and crew. Bill's contributions bring a welcome personal touch. His nervousness and nauseousness demonstrate the human element of the dive. And though a small group of specialists are introduced, any further input from them is awkwardly brief.

As for the images inside the wreck -- it's a rusted boat. Maybe if I was actually there in the sub guiding Jake or Elwood with the video joystick, I'd be more amused.

The two most dramatic scenes: 1) A night shot of the submarines surfacing and a diver braving some choppy ocean waves in order to secure them. 2) A climatic reenactment of the ship going down hosting a scrapbook of superimposed passenger images.

In fact, the last moment felt so much like an ending sequence, that the 10 minutes or so following seemed tacked on to a finished piece.

As for the image on the screen? After all, this is digital video tape, not big film that has been the standard for large format. Well, it looked pretty good on the smaller IMAX screen at our presentation. The resolution was not strikingly poor, but the images were not noticeably beautiful either. Jake and Elwood's resolution was poor. Though this is to be expected given the limitations of their mission, theatergoers nonetheless anticipate beautiful images from this format. As for the 3D -- less than impressive as well. Not horrible, just rather bland. I personally was having some ghosting problems; this may have been the result of how those plastic glasses rest on top of my own prescription glasses.

It'd make a pretty good PBS special ... but as a big screener?


Starring Bill Paxton and James Cameron, Ken Marschall, Don Lynch, Charles Pellegrino, Lori Johnston.
Directed by James Cameron.
Produced by James Cameron, Chuck Comisky, Janace Tashjian at Disney (c) 2003.

Copyright (C) 2003. 
Ross Anthony, currently based in Los Angeles, has scripted and shot documentaries, music videos, and shorts in 35 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.  For more reviews visit:

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