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Full Charge - The Power of Innovation

Alternate Title(s): Formerly Icarus' Revenge / Solar Impulse 3D

bigImage Set against the backdrop of the record-breaking Solar Impulse 2 round-the-world flight, the 40-minute film will explore how breakthrough technologies can be developed and applied to solve our planet’s increasing need for clean, efficient, economic and renewable sources of energy.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmakers Pascal Vuong and Ronan Chapalain, (SeaRex 3D and D-Day: Normandy 1944), the film features a captivating mix of astounding landscapes, sweeping aerial shots and hyper realistic CGI. By combining live-action and animated sequences, the filmmakers have created an immersive world in which they explore the science, innovation and adventure behind the world’s quest for sustainable energy solutions.

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Produced by N3D Land Films. Distributed by nWave Pictures Distribution


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