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The Search for Life in Space

bigImage For science the heavy lifting is over, a new era of space exploration has begun. It’s the search to find something that changes everything…signs of life, somewhere else in the universe. NASA is breaking ground on a new brand of science, Astrobiology. We already know that life in space exists, because that’s what we are, as are all things that live on our planet. THE SEARCH FOR LIFE IN SPACE is a journey that takes us from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, to Europa, the ice moon of Jupiter, back in time to when Mars was a virtual Eden, and out into the far reaches of space in search of planets like ours. It will make you re-examine such fundamental questions as: “Where did we come from?”, “How did we get here?” and “Are we alone?”.

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A December Media Film in association with Film Victoria and Swinburne University of Technology. Executive producer Tony Wright. Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films. Produced by Stephen Amezdroz. Featuring astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor at Cornell University and Director of the Carl Sagan Institute.


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