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Secrets of the Universe

bigImage Travel to the Franco/Swiss border where the world's most brilliant scientists are working to find answers to some of life's most enduring "secrets," such as the origins of the universe as we know it after the big bang. Aided by the world's most powerful microscope, the $13 billion Large Hadron Collider, we learn about why particles have mass, the nature of dark matter, the causes of gravity and more. Pre-production begins fall 2013, and shooting begins early 2014.

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Film Info

  • Type: Documentary
  • Release date: 2018
  • Run time: 40 and 24 min. versions
  • Format: 15/70, 8/70, Digital 2K/4K, Full Dome
  • 3D: Yes
  • Genre: Space
  • Director(s): Stephen Low
  • Producer(s):
  • Distributor: K2 Communications

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Produced by The Stephen Low Company. Executive Produced and Distributed by K2 Communications. Directed by Stephen Low.


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