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Firefighter: It's an Experience

The general public has no idea what it means to be a firefighter. The word invokes grandiose images and emotions: excitement, adrenaline, fear, courage, camaraderie, teamwork, redemption, and loss. But the words themselves or any images yet seen on screen do not do justice to or adequately represent the actual experience of firefighters. Firefighters all over the world respond to the call and disappear behind the veil of smoke and fire to enter a world that only they are allowed to see. We want to lift that veil and allow the moviegoing public around the world to see the fire as we see it: from the other side. People worldwide are fascinated by firefighters and we want to give them the chance to see the mysterious world that is otherwise beyond their reach. This move, along with the fire safety material that will be provided, will save lives.

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Film Info

  • Type: Documentary
  • Release date: 2015
  • Run time: 40 mins.
  • 3D: Yes
  • Genre: Natural Disasters
  • Director(s):
  • Producer(s):
  • Distributor:

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In Development


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Produced by Mark McCoy Productions.


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