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Amazon Adventure

bigImage AMAZON ADVENTURE 3D tells the epic and inspirational story of naturalist and explorer Henry Bates, an influential scientist who provided the "beautiful proof" to Charles Darwin for his then controversial theory of Natural Selection, the greatest explanation for the development of life on Earth. As a young man, Bates risked his life for science during a remarkable 11-year journey into the visually stunning Amazon rainforest in the 1850s. The film is a compelling detective story of peril, perseverance and ultimate success, drawing audiences into the fascinating world of animal mimicry, the astonishing phenomenon where one animal adopts the look of another, gaining an advantage to survive. Filmed on location in the lush Amazon region, it uses the immersive IMAX® format to plunge audiences into a wild world of breathtaking beauty and captivating animal behavior. Deception lurks everywhere in the jungle and audiences will be mesmerized by an array of nature's masters of mimicry and inspired by Bates' endless curiosity and determination. As in SK Films' award-winning Flight of the Butterflies 3D, nature is extraordinary and science is adventure, just waiting to be discovered.

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Produced by SK Films, Inc.


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