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bigImage The ground-breaking celebration of nature and art featuring time-lapse photography of locations around the world. A stunning visual odyssey that has brought a new aesthetic dimension to the large-format genre.

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Produced by the Reuben H. Fleet Theater and Science Center, San Diego, S.E.M. La Geode, and Magidson Films. Producers: Jeff Kirsch and Mark Magidson. Directed and photographed by Ron Fricke of Canticle Films Ltd. Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films Distribution Company.

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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: timefire
Its been nearly twenty years since Director / Camerman Ron Fricke transformed the large format industry with his landmark film CHRONOS. Winner of the Prix Du Jury at the 1987 Paris LF Film Festival, the film garnered huge praise from the mainstream press, and rightly so. Frickes compositions have rarely been bettered in the following two decades, and despite the almost clunky feel (by todays standards) of the motion controlled time-lapse photography, the sheer beauty of CHRONOS is timeless. In an age when IMAX films are almost all just homegenous product, with endlessly repeated cheap thrills, CHRONOS still stands out as a truly visionary piece, revealing the potential of IMAX as an experiential format. Michael Stearns music score remains one of the very finest IMAX soundtracks, and one of his best pieces in its own right. Sadly few have followed in these footsteps, preferring the humdrum of dull narration and poor music, framed around usually bad acting. The effect this film had on me all the way back in 1986 still resonates through my life. This and BLADE RUNNER were instrumental in my decision to get involved on the film industry. Its time to pull CHRONOS off the shelf again, and show it to a new generation. It may not be a masterpiece, but it is absolutely one the best large format films ever made. After seeing Frickes first effort, KOYAANISQATSI, George Lucas remarked: "Thats the kind of film I want to make." Come on then George! ... Read More >>

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