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Amazing Bugs! 3D

From the creator and producer of the hugely successful Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure comes AMAZING BUGS! Using upgraded and revolutionary 3D cameras, AMAZING BUGS! takes us on a new and unique journey into the heart of the hidden world of insects. Through a new set of insect characters we reveal extraordinary and rare behavior in the eternal cycle of birth, life, and death. Are insects intelligent? Do insects make good parents? Do bugs help other bugs? AMAZING BUGS! will answer these questions and you will never look at insects in the same way again. Our stars have been chosen for their amazing characteristics and the part they play in our story. The ants that farm caterpillars, the moth that looks like a hummingbird, and the intelligent hunting spider. AMAZING BUGS! will reveal these dramatic and surprising lives in glorious 3D, supersizing them to the scale of the most magnificent wildlife.

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Produced by BBC Earth in association with Principal Large Format. Distributed by BBC Earth and Giant Screen Films


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