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Wild Africa

Alternate Title(s): Formerly The Magic of Wild Africa; Africa: The Wildest Place on Earth in 3D

bigImage Come with us on a spectacular 3D ride across, over, through, and within the most dramatic continent on Earth: Africa. Our guide through this enchanted kingdom is the giver of life itself -- water. Water crafts wild Africa from its jungles to its deserts, conjuring up life wherever it journeys on its eternal continental cycles ... traveling above the plains on seasonal winds, cascading along raging rivers, or sheltering coral cities. The wild of Africa are born of water -- it dictates the character of the entire continent and will lead us through an epic 3D visualization of the great water cycle, as it related to African wildlife. Each audience member will feel right at the heart of the action, whether it's amongst a million dancing flamingos, a family of gentle gorillas, or a herd of swimming elephants. AFRICA 3D -- a magical journey through the heart of the wildest place on earth.

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BBC Earth, Reliance Entertainment and IM Global Present A BBC Earth Production In Association with Evergreen Studios. "Wild Africa." Distributed by BBC Earth and Giant Screen Films. Narrated by Helena Bonham Carter. Music by Patrick Doyle. Executive Producers Deepak Nayar, Stuart Ford, Mike Newell, Marcus Arthur, Mike Devlin, Miles Ketley. Produced by Myles Connolly, Amanda Hill, Neil Nightingale. Written by Mike Slee. Directed by Mike Slee, Patrick Morris, Neil Nightingale.

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