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Secrets of the Royal Garden

Alternate Title(s): Formerly The Kingdom of Plants

bigImage In this sensational Giant Screen film, David Attenborough reveals a whole new dimension to the lives of plants. Using pioneering 3D time-lapse and specialist close-up photography, he traces them from their beginnings on land to their vital place in nature today. From our time scale to theirs, plants are expressed as dynamic creatures every bit as aggressive as animals. Flowers fluoresce and produce great clouds of otherwise-invisible scent; carnivorous plants move at breakneck speeds to ensnare prey, and great hordes of bats swoop into the auditorium as they negotiate forests of giant columnar cacti at night. All this takes place in a unique place, a microcosm of the plant world where some 90% of all known plant species are represented: The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. This spectacular adventure through the Kingdom of Plants is so immersive and compelling it has the capacity to amaze even the least green-fingered.

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Produced and Distributed by Atlantic Productions.

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