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Out of Bounds

bigImage Mighty ... rugged ... and magnificent. Mountains tower above the plains and dominate the skyline over one-fifth the Earth's land. Critical to life -- they fill our rivers, influence the weather, and provide sanctuary to incredibly diverse wildlife. Perhaps the greatest collection of mountains resides near the top of the globe in Alaska's vast wilderness. They are as beautiful as they are dangerous, and for a brave few, they are the source of incredible adventure. Follow two iconic snowboarders along their journey, as they discover the heavily glaciated Chugach Mountains of Alaska and the exhilarating experience of riding them for the first time. Standing over the ledge of a 2,000 foot vertical drop, unravel some of the mountain’s most awe-inspiring mysteries, and just what a crucial role they play in our every day life, while witnessing the most spectacular snowboard action ever brought to the giant screen!

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Distributed by K2 Communications.


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