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The Brain

Alternate Title(s): Formerly Neuropolis 3D

Bustling, dynamic and mysterious: your brain is a community of a 100 billion neurons. A city inside your head. Like people, each neuron is a unique individual. Like a city, your brain changes all the time. It builds itself and is never finished. Do you know what your brain is up to? There's more going on in there than you realize. Using revolutionary new imaging techniques, and fun animation, THE BRAIN will take audiences of all ages on a journey of discovery through the fascinating world of the human brain. It's the most amazing place you will ever visit.

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Produced by National Film Board of Canada. Distributed by SK Films. Directed by Graeme Ferguson. Director: Munro Ferguson. Producer: Marcy Page. DP: Luka Sanader. Executive Producer: David Verrall.


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