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Waking the T. Rex: The Story of Sue 3D

bigImage In 1990, deep in the badlands of South Dakota, paleontologists unearthed the bones of a monster. Forty feet long and weighing several tons, the fossil skeleton was assembled and rebuilt into the largest, most complete T. rex ever discovered. Named Sue, this majestic icon of the dinosaurs has captured the imaginations of millions of museum visitors over the years. But her full story has yet to be told ... until now.

WAKING THE T. REX: THE STORY OF SUE traces the life of one of the most feared predators of the Cretaceous. Join scientists as they decipher fossil clues to piece together the lifelong struggles, from nest to death, of this famous tyrannosaurus. Witness her life events unfold, including an epic battle with a Triceratops, in a world where the only rule is eat or be eaten.

WAKING THE T. REX: THE STORY OF SUE is a high-drama science adventure you won't soon forget. After 67 million years, Sue is about to awaken — in roaring, bone-crunching, in your face, 3-D!

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D3D Cinema Presents A Production of D3D Cinema and The Field Museum of Natural History. Narrated by Joan Allen. Music by Charlie Barnett. Editor: Patty Stern. Line Producer: Rob Grzymala. Director of Photography: D.J. Roller. Executive Producers: John McCarter, Laura Sadler. Co-Producer: Andy Wood. Produced by Don Kempf. Directed and Written by David Clark.

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Waking the T. Rex: The Story of SUE 3D By Ann Coates

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