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L5: First City in Space (3D)

bigImage Set 100 years in the future, L5: FIRST CITY IN SPACE is narrated in flashback by the first child born in space. A departure for IMAX 3D technology, L5 employs the medium to create a "reality-based" drama set in outer space. The film combines incredible 3D computer-generated imagery, actual footage taken of space expeditions and scientific data to create a compelling vision of how humans may live and travel in our solar system in the next century. The story centers around seven-year-old Chieko Mori as she discovers the wonders of the city in which she lives -- self-contained and shielded with moonrock. But all is not perfect, as the city's need for an additional water source leads to her father's perilous quest to repair a failing rocket engine. Available in both the giant-screen and giant-screen 3D formats, the film was produced with the involvement of several leading-edge facilities including NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (California), ExMachina (Paris), Computer Film Company (London) and Fujitsu Ltd. (Japan).

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A presentation of IMAX Corporation. An IMAX 3D Experience. (Available in IMAX PSE ® sound in specially- equipped theatres.) Also available for the IMAX screen. Supervising Director, Writer, Editor: Toni Myers. Live Action Director: Allan Kroeker. Distributed by Imax Corporation. Director of Photography: Andrew Kitzanuk. Starring Colin Fox, Rachel Walker


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