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Treasures of Israel

bigImage TREASURES OF ISRAEL explores the past and present cultures and unique natural wonders that span this hallowed cradle of civilization.

Israel - a place known to many but truly discovered by few. Nowhere else on Earth can one walk in the historic footsteps of three Great Faiths through a land of stunning natural wonder and modern innovation. Here, between Israel's sparkling Mediterranean sand and the rippling River Jordan lay the priceless cornerstones of civiliation itself. TREASURES OF ISRAEL will dazzle viewers with an unprecedented 3D giant screen view of this unique and inspiring realm.

TREASURES OF ISRAEL will link the past with the present as we journey with charismatic scientists, scholars and adventurers who reveal a personal view of Israel's rich history and limitless future. Whether soaring with endangered storks in a biologist-piloted ultra-light, diving Caesarea's Roman sunken ruins with archeology students, or exploring Jersualem's hidden tombs beside a clerical scholar, the film will discover the natural beauty, core ideas and man-made wonders that have shaped this treasured place. Ultimately the film will weave one unified story of a land where ancient glory inspires modern achievement, where this crossroads of Man's history lights a path to the future.

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Distributed by K2 Communications.


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