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Flatland: Search for the 3rd Dimension

Alternate Title(s): Flatland: A Journey of Many Dimensions

bigImage This dramatic CGI adaptation introduces a whole new generation of viewers to Edwin Abbott’s beloved mathematical adventure novel, FLATLAND.

The film is the story of an imaginary world of only two dimensions, inhabited by a variety of geometric shapes, who discover the existence of a third dimension, a world of wonders that they can scarcely imagine. The film explains difficult math concepts in an engaging and fanciful way, within the context of a dramatic narrative story. Both the book and film also explore class structure, intolerance, and the place of new ideas and unexpected truths in a rigid and complacent society. The film features the voice talents of Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, and Michael York.

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Produced by Objects in Motion Pictures. Distributed by RPG Productions. Directed by Jeffrey Travis and Dano Johnson. Script by Seth Caplan, Jeffrey Travis and Dano Johnson. Based on novel by Edwin A. Abbott. Score by Kazmir Boyle. Cast: Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Michael York, Lee Eddy, Joe Estevez, Tony Hale


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