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Imagine! (3D)

bigImage A young dreamer free falls through clouds into an imaginary world ... or is it? Presented in IMAX® 3D, IMAGINE takes audiences on a journey to the ultimate frontier of science -- the mystery of human consciousness. Explore human perception and creativity in 3D on the giant screen. Viewers zoom through a narrow canyon in a thrilling high-speed boat ride, enjoy an enchanting underwater ballet and visit a futuristic Mind Lab.

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Imagine: 3D in Film [Real 300 K]

Imagine: Bunjee Jumping [Real 300 K]

Imagine: Jet Boat [Real 300 K]

Imagine: Water Dancing [Real 300 K]

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Produced by Wild World Films, a subsidiary of IMAX Corporation and co-produced by Pan Com International Inc., for the Daewoo Group. Producer: Roman Kroitor. Director/Writer: John Weiley. Distributed by Imax Corporation. Director of Photography: Noel Archambault. Featuring Momix Dance Theater.


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