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Mysteries of the Unseen World

bigImage MYSTERIES OF THE UNSEEN WORLD introduces us to trail-blazing researchers who are pushing the envelope with technologies that peer with increasing clarity into these invisible realms. The discoveries portrayed in the film are culled from those happening today in cutting-edge laboratories around the world, where existing and emerging technologies are giving science exciting new images of long-hidden worlds. The setting and story are pure entertainment, but the science is breathtakingly real.

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National Geographic Entertainment Presents "Mysteries of the Unseen World." Narrated by Forest Whitaker. Music by Paul Haslinger. Production Design: Steve Suchman. Edited by Jonathan Shaw, A.C.E. Director of Photography: Sean MacLeod Phillips. Executive Producer: Jake Eberts. Produced by Lisa Truitt. Produced by Jini Durr. Written by Frederick Richards. Directed by Louis Schwartzberg.

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