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Deep Earth Mission (3D)

bigImage DEEP EARTH MISSION will be a 3D filmic mission of unprecedented importance, aboard a sea going vessel like none other ever envisioned, destined for a part of the planet never before reached.

The ship is both a giant floating laboratory and a platform for what is truly one of the technological wonders of the world -- a drilling rig capable of penetrating into the mantle of the earth, almost 6 miles beneath us. An international cast of some of the most important scientists on our planet will be on board, involved in a series of research missions whose complexity and importance have been compared to our voyages to the moon.

In the ocean depths, the secrets of evolution might well be revealed in micro-organisms that still exist in primordial states. And here too, are enormous reserves of gas hydrates -- a fuel source that could revolutionize the future powering of our planet. The drilling rig will also allow sensors to be placed that can monitor the movement of the earth's plates -- helping us predict earthquakes and potentially devastating tsunamis. And the sedimentary layers that will be brought to the surface will contain a record of earth's climatic history -- providing new insights into the processes of glaciation and global warming.

In the power and immediacy of 3D, this will be a story of adventure and discovery unlike any other ever told on the giant screen.

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A Co-production of Space Inc. and Graphic Films Corp. Distributed by K2 Communications. Directed by Stephen Low. Produced by Paul Novros and Mieka Sano. Executive Producers: Naoko Aoki and Takashi Mori.


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