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Destiny in Space

bigImage DESTINY IN SPACE provides an inspiring look at the challenges future generations will face in exploring the universe. For the first time on the giant screen, audiences travel outside the space shuttle as it orbits 200 miles above the Earth. Along with thrilling fly-overs of Mars and Venus, the film focuses on the dramatic partnership of humans and robots working in space.

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Destiny in Space: Other Planets [Real 300 K]

Destiny in Space: Shuttle Launch [Real 300 K]

Destiny in Space: Trailer [WM 300 K]

Destiny in Space: Zero G's [Real 300 K]

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A Production of Smithsonian Institution - National Air and Space Museum and Lockheed Martin Corporation. Producer: Graeme Ferguson. Director: Ben Burtt, Phyllis Ferguson, James Neihouse and Gail Singer. Writer/Editor: Toni Myers; Narrator: Leonard Nemoy. Ground Cinematography by James Neihouse and David Douglas. Filmed in space by the crews of STS-61B, 34, 32, 31, 42, 46, 51 and 61; Astronaut Trainer James Neihouse, Music by Micky Erbe and Maribeth Solomon; Distributed by IMAX Corporation.


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